Best Escondido Union Schools

Escondido Union School District2013 API2012 API
Heritage K-8 Charter894906
L. R. Green Elementary867878
Bernardo Elementary863897
Reidy Creek Elementary846865
Classical Academy837857
North Broadway Elementary800821
Orange Glen Elementary799795
Rincon Middle791797
Miller Elementary790779
Bear Valley Middle788795
Juniper Elementary762773
Glen View Elementary752731
Del Dios Middle748740
Mission Middle747753
Oak Hill Elementary746750
Rose Elementary740733
Pioneer Elementary737750
Farr Avenue Elementary724709
Rock Springs Elementary722736
Hidden Valley Middle722735
Conway Elementary710727
Central Elementary695680
Felicita Elementary690707
Lincoln Elementary680747
Nicolaysen Community Day

B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.