Best Chula Vista Elementary Schools

Chula Vista Elementary School District2013 API2012 API
Heritage Elementary923935
Veterans Elementary918908
Arroyo Vista Charter918905
Marshall (Thurgood) Elementary910917
McMillin (Corky) Elementary906915
Halecrest Elementary899912
Allen (Ella B.) Elementary899892
Discovery Charter899884
Olympic View Elementary897923
Liberty Elementary897899
Hedenkamp (Anne and William) Elementary890901
Salt Creek Elementary889910
Chula Vista Hills Elementary888906
Wolf Canyon Elementary879894
Sunnyside Elementary876863
EastLake Elementary872845
Hilltop Drive Elementary864860
Casillas (Joseph) Elementary864859
Tiffany (Burton C.) Elementary859893
Silver Wing Elementary856824
Rogers (Greg) Elementary853834
Otay Elementary852859
Chula Vista Learning Community Charter848881
Mueller Charter (Robert L.)846839
Rosebank Elementary846808
Lauderbach (J. Calvin) Elementary845859
Valle Lindo Elementary844845
Finney (Myrtle S.) Elementary843845
Loma Verde Elementary840855
Palomar Elementary839834
Parkview Elementary836847
Cook (Hazel Goes) Elementary835855
Valley Vista Elementary833839
Rice (Lilian J.) Elementary832809
Feaster (Mae L.) Charter823841
Rohr (Fred H.) Elementary820823
Juarez-Lincoln Elementary809831
Harborside Elementary808840
Kellogg (Karl H.) Elementary803859
Montgomery (John J.) Elementary801859
Castle Park Elementary796804
Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter791756
Los Altos Elementary789808
Vista Square Elementary787838
Howard Gardner Community Charter679B
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B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.