Best Fontana Unified Schools

Fontana Unified School District2013 API2012 API
Sierra Lakes Elementary871862
Dorothy Grant Elementary841879
Oak Park Elementary835803
Oleander Elementary830828
Shadow Hills Elementary822834
Poplar Elementary811770
Juniper Elementary810823
Hemlock Elementary808811
Mango Elementary801802
Canyon Crest Elementary799814
Ted Porter Elementary797800
Kathy Binks Elementary792788
Maple Elementary790759
Alder Middle786798
Summit High782759
Virginia Primrose Elementary779791
Southridge Middle778785
Beech Avenue Elementary777802
Locust Elementary777785
Live Oak Elementary775772
Wayne Ruble Middle774800
Chaparral Elementary772776
Date Elementary762783
Citrus Elementary758750
Almeria Middle756757
Almond Elementary754780
Fontana Middle754735
Sequoia Middle748728
Jurupa Hills High746733
Palmetto Elementary744729
Fontana A. B. Miller High741735
Randall Pepper Elementary740B
South Tamarind Elementary738752
Redwood Elementary737753
Harry S. Truman Middle736751
Henry J. Kaiser High735729
Tokay Elementary734721
North Tamarind Elementary719723
Cypress Elementary715756
Fontana High701694
Birch High (Continuation)584590
Citrus High (Continuation)534558
West Randall Elementary

B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.