Best Elk Grove Unified Schools

Elk Grove Unified School District2013 API2012 API
Arnold Adreani Elementary937942
Cosumnes River Elementary905922
Elliott Ranch Elementary898915
Sunrise Elementary898907
Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle893908
Edna Batey Elementary889891
Katherine L. Albiani Middle887888
Stone Lake Elementary886889
C. W. Dillard Elementary879893
Arlene Hein Elementary877883
Pleasant Grove Elementary876889
Franklin Elementary868874
Arthur C. Butler Elementary866854
Helen Carr Castello Elementary865889
Carroll Elementary860856
Elk Grove Elementary857865
Toby Johnson Middle856879
Pleasant Grove High848857
John Ehrhardt Elementary847855
Roy Herburger Elementary847840
California Montessori Project - Elk Grove Campus846784
Foulks Ranch Elementary845862
Joseph Sims Elementary842869
Irene B. West Elementary841836
Raymond Case Elementary838839
Maeola E. Beitzel Elementary836858
Ellen Feickert Elementary836835
Joseph Kerr Middle830856
James A. McKee Elementary830833
Franklin High822817
Elitha Donner Elementary811834
Robert J. Fite Elementary807819
Florence Markofer Elementary797826
T. R. Smedberg Middle796807
Elk Grove High794796
Cosumnes Oaks High792799
Edward Harris, Jr. Middle792788
Mary Tsukamoto Elementary791803
Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary789800
Sheldon High784781
Harriet G. Eddy Middle784760
Jessie Baker780775
Monterey Trail High773769
Laguna Creek High770760
Prairie Elementary759782
Isabelle Jackson Elementary753759
Las Flores High (Alternative)751719
Transition High (Continuation)741735
Sierra-Enterprise Elementary739728
Samuel Jackman Middle739727
Anna Kirchgater Elementary728740
Florin High728739
John Reith Elementary717736
Charles E. Mack Elementary716748
Valley High715747
James Rutter Middle715729
Union House Elementary713719
Samuel Kennedy Elementary713716
David Reese Elementary711719
Herman Leimbach Elementary709730
Florin Elementary687698
Elk Grove Charter683718
Insights High (Continuation)642625
Rio Cazadero High (Continuation)570523
Calvine High564581
Daylor (William) High (Continuation)560550

B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.