Best Irvine Unified Schools

Irvine Unified School District2013 API2012 API
Turtle Rock Elementary974980
Stone Creek Elementary970970
Sierra Vista Middle964964
Stonegate Elementary962955
Lakeside Middle961957
Vista Verde 959961
Rancho San Joaquin Middle958967
Canyon View Elementary957963
South Lake Middle949956
Alderwood Elementary949954
Santiago Hills Elementary947960
Bonita Canyon Elementary943944
Deerfield Elementary942937
Plaza Vista 940953
Venado Middle939955
Eastshore Elementary938952
Meadow Park938948
Westpark Elementary936922
Northwood Elementary933944
Oak Creek Elementary929920
College Park Elementary926934
Northwood High921910
Brywood Elementary920919
Woodbury Elementary915926
University High913908
Greentree Elementary907914
Springbrook Elementary898927
University Park Elementary898903
Alternative Education-San Joaquin High894888
Woodbridge High877884
Irvine High877877
Culverdale Elementary848857
Creekside High540567

B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.