Best Madera Unified Schools

Madera Unified School District2013 API2012 API
Sherman Thomas Charter847804
Lincoln Elementary831827
Howard Elementary807814
Berenda Elementary797783
John J. Pershing Elementary792779
La Vina Elementary791764
John Adams Elementary785798
Dixieland Elementary784767
Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy772802
James Monroe Elementary757754
Madera High 757747
Thomas Jefferson Middle751744
Parkwood Elementary748778
Millview Elementary735742
Cesar Chavez Elementary730745
Jack G. Desmond Middle730691
George Washington Elementary726727
Alpha Elementary718720
Nishimoto Elementary707733
Madera South High703706
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle702726
Sierra Vista Elementary690783
Sherman Thomas Charter High676710
James Madison Elementary671711
Furman (Duane E.) High (Independent Study Program)658690
Eastin-Arcola High522581

B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.