Best Long Beach Unified Schools

Long Beach Unified School District2013 API2012 API
California Academy of Mathematics and Science961975
Naples Elementary947950
Gant Elementary939949
Lowell Elementary935932
Rogers Middle927921
Fremont Elementary919933
Newcomb Academy914920
Carver Elementary900915
Tincher Preparatory887872
Madison Elementary885891
Kettering Elementary884897
Henry K-8877867
Longfellow Elementary876897
Stanford Middle875884
Los Cerritos Elementary873875
Emerson Parkside Academy871883
Prisk Elementary866881
Cubberley K-8856885
Bancroft Middle849862
Twain Elementary848872
Hughes Middle846846
Cleveland Elementary840837
Hoover Middle836864
Gompers K-8 834834
Webster Elementary831835
Bixby Elementary828850
Renaissance High School for the Arts826816
Riley Elementary824826
Bryant Elementary812835
Muir K-8808822
Dooley Elementary802806
Birney Elementary802796
Monroe K-8800783
Hill Classical Middle795817
Mann Elementary793815
Chavez Elementary792798
Robinson Academy791795
Hudson K-8788788
Garfield Elementary786790
Jessie Nelson Academy783754
Avalon K-12782789
Franklin Classical Middle781736
MacArthur Elementary778795
Lindbergh Middle778761
King Elementary776783
Burcham K-8771784
Wilson High771767
Marshall Academy of the Arts771763
Millikan High771758
International Elementary768803
Holmes Elementary765794
Polytechnic High764749
Lindsey Academy762753
Hamilton Middle762739
Powell Academy for Success760748
Lakewood High759757
Jefferson Leadership Academies753736
Stephens Middle740753
McKinley Elementary737765
Washington Middle737735
Barton Elementary716754
New City660664
Cabrillo High657658
Jordan High648670
Educational Partnership High578533
Reid High532519
Beach High-Intensive Learning Program448423
Addams Elementary
Alvarado Elementary
Burbank Elementary
Burnett Elementary
Edison Elementary
Grant Elementary
Harte Elementary
Lafayette Elementary
Lee Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Select Community Day (Secondary)
Signal Hill Elementary
Stevenson Elementary
Two Harbors Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Willard Elementary

B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.