Best Fresno Unified Schools

Fresno Unified School District2013 API2012 API
Manchester Gate996998
Morris E. Dailey Charter Elementary952950
Edison Computech947946
University High916926
Design Science Early College High909913
Forkner Elementary872880
Baird Middle866874
Bullard Talent Project865849
Eaton Elementary860850
McCardle Elementary843842
Gibson Elementary822857
Akira Yokomi Elementary820822
Webster Elementary810797
Malloch Elementary809850
Thomas Elementary808811
Kratt Elementary808805
Figarden Elementary801798
Valley Preparatory Academy Charter799832
Starr Elementary794822
Florence E. Rata792753
Robinson Elementary787793
Edith B. Storey Elementary785779
Ezekiel Balderas Elementary775742
Ayer Elementary773771
Lincoln Elementary771784
Roeding Elementary768773
Edison High768764
Jefferson Elementary766774
Ann B. Leavenworth763777
Wolters Elementary763774
Ericson Elementary762779
Bullard High758769
Cooper Middle753B
Tenaya Middle752779
Vinland Elementary752746
Holland Elementary752742
Jackson Elementary752736
Viking Elementary751768
Wishon Elementary748770
Easterby Elementary747795
Hamilton Elementary747755
Fremont Elementary747747
Powers-Ginsburg Elementary746769
Pyle Elementary746763
Lowell Elementary746752
Burroughs Elementary745773
Kings Canyon Middle745738
Calwa Elementary743730
Wilson Elementary740763
Birney Elementary739745
Lane Elementary736738
Carver Academy735695
Erma Duncan Polytechnical High731736
Sunset Elementary730760
Wawona Middle728739
Ahwahnee Middle725708
Aynesworth Elementary722747
Rowell Elementary720730
Lawless Elementary719713
Centennial Elementary718736
Ewing Elementary717710
Turner Elementary715698
Del Mar Elementary710726
Muir Elementary706703
David L. Greenberg Elementary705726
Susan B. Anthony Elementary705726
Tioga Middle705702
Mayfair Elementary703719
Herbert Hoover High703713
Molly S. Bakman Elementary702736
Yosemite Middle700669
Vang Pao Elementary700649
Mario G. Olmos Elementary697728
Deborah A. Williams Elementary696697
Miguel Hidalgo Elementary694690
Norseman Elementary693708
Homan Elementary689737
Winchell Elementary689725
Sunnyside High689704
Addams Elementary685701
Scandinavian Middle684660
King Elementary683679
Elizabeth Terronez Middle683675
Kirk Elementary680688
Fort Miller Middle676693
Columbia Elementary674672
Slater Elementary667648
Valley Arts and Science Academy (VASA)660676
Sierra Charter657664
Fresno High653649
Heaton Elementary650681
Sequoia Middle647651
Tehipite Middle641645
Irwin O. Addicott Elementary640597
Roosevelt High626654
McLane High617629
Fresno Academy for Civic and Entrepreneurial Leadership586626
Carter G. Woodson Public Charter540468
School of Unlimited Learning514581
Cambridge Continuation High492519
J. E. Young Academic Center491498
Dewolf Continuation High442430
New Millennium Institute of Education Charter415472
Phoenix Elementary Academy Community Day
Phoenix Secondary

B: School did not have a valid 2012 API Base and there is no Growth or target information.

C: School had significant demographic changes and there is no Growth or target information.